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Colossus Bets - The Home of the World’s Biggest Bet
Colossus Bets is a ‘Pick 7’ correct score football pool bet that gives players the chance to win large
cash prizes never before seen in sports betting and additionally allows them to take control by
cashing-in live tickets (in full or in part), as their bet progresses.
The headline bet, known as ‘The Colossus’ offers a guaranteed day one minimum £10,000,000
weekly prize pool.
Pool betting is also offered on both winner and correct score markets for selected European football
leagues (Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and League 1). The pool games cover between
three and seven football fixtures for correct score betting and five to eight fixtures for winner
Unique Cash-In Feature
Live tickets can be cashed-in at half-times and as matches in a pool complete. Players can even cash- in a live ticket in fractions, taking some profit whilst retaining an interest in part of the Jackpot with
the remainder of their ticket.
The Colossus Bets headline pools also have a consolation fund which is available for players who pick
the correct home/draw/away outcome in each match but not the correct score.
20c Pool Games
Colossus Bets have recently launched new pool games for players that are looking to stake a little
less and still have the ability to win a lottery sized jackpot.
Headlining these games is the ‘Pick 6’ pool, which guarantees a €200,000 jackpot every week and
holds all the same features as the €10,000,000 Colossus, including the unique cash-in feature the
brand is known for. The only difference is that the minimum stake is only 20c!
Welcome Bonus
Colossus Bets are currently offering players a 100% match on first deposits up to €100 for the first 72
hours after you sign up as a player.
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